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Your business is your everything.

It’s brought you the freedom you crave, and the dream life you deserve. Once you had a taste of working for yourself and calling all the shots, you knew you couldn’t do life any other sort of way. In short, you are OBSESSED.

At the start, you created your own website. And the DIY approach worked… for a while.

But you’ve seen the websites of others in your industry. Chic branding. Gorgeous layouts. Polished copy. Their entire aesthetic looks like the love child of Christian Dior and Kate Spade. And in comparison, your website just doesn’t seem up to par anymore.

In other words... it's time for a makeover.

one thing I KNOW ABOUT YOU?

(P.S... I'm the same way)


The Visually Gold Website Makeover Experience is for entrepreneurial women who have outgrown their old websites and are ready to transform with a Cinderella-level glowup.

It is a one-week process that will upgrade from your old website into a gorgeous, modern site that is a force to be reckoned with. 

From strategy to design, WME will help you create a chic online presence that reflects the new you. Because you've grown, your business has too, and it's about time that your website reflects that.

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After submitting your application and paying your deposit, you'll be invited to select a start date on the Tuesday of your choice.

With spots going quickly, it's best to apply as soon as possible to make sure you can select your desired start date!


The timeline, explained

On Tuesday, we'll start things off with our kickoff call, where we'll discuss your website dreams in detail.

After the call, the real work begins. From Tuesday through Friday, a different part of your website will be completed each day, followed by a nightly round of revisions. The following day, your revisions will be implemented.

On Friday, we'll celebrate! We'll have our launch call, which is where you'll be walked through the back-end of your new site before it's published. Afterwards, you'll be sent a Showit instruction manual, to equip you to make any future edits that you might need.

P.S... the launch call is BYOB (bring your own bubbly) so make sure to come prepared!

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Want to learn more about the day-to-day process of the Website Makeover Experience? Download the program guide to access all program details, see the schedule, and more!

Need more information?

Need more information?


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Save Your Spot for only $700

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apply now

Who is the website makeover experience for?

The Website Makeover Experience is for female entrepreneurs who need to update or create a full scale online presence for their business. It is ideal for service providers, photographers and coaches who are looking for a luxe new website that will upgrade their business' aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

do i need to already have a website to enroll?

No! While the program has the word "makeover" in its name, it is open to anyone who could benefit from a new site. Having a former website is NOT required. 

Can my website be built on any other platform, such as Squarespace, Wordpress, or Wix?

No. The Website Makeover Experience is exclusive to the Showit platform.

how many pages will my website have?

You'll be given a five-page site that can be customized for your needs. The five types of pages that are typically built are: Home, About, Services, Portfolio/Blog, and Contact.

what if i don't need all those pages?

You're in luck! The Visually Gold Petite Webpage Program might be just the thing you're looking for. (Plus, it has a faster turnaround time too!)

what does the revision process look like? how many rounds of revisions will i have? 

You'll go through a round of revisions through each night of the process, starting on Tuesday night and ending on Thursday night. This makes for a total of three rounds. Once your website progress has been completed for the day, you'll be invited to submit your feedback through a Google form where you'll be able to submit screenshots or screen recordings of your edit requests. You'll also be given a "practice round" to start with so that you can get the hang of it.


Because of the short timeframe involved with the Website Makeover Experience, absolutely no more than three rounds of revisions is allowed. However, during our launch call you’ll be shown how to make any future changes, and will also be given an instruction manual just in case!

what is not included in the website makeover experience?

The price of the Website Makeover Experience does not include the following:

- Custom fonts (if you choose to purchase them) - which range between $10-$30 each.
- The cost of your Showit subscription, which ranges between $24 - $29 a month.
- Any costs and fees associated with purchasing your domain, which on average cost $12 a year.

what platform will my website be built on?

Your website will be built on the Showit platform, which is a website building platform built with creatives in mind. (More information below).

what is showit?

Showit is a website building platform that allows for a much greater range of design capabilities than traditional platforms such as Squarespace, Wordpress, or Wix. You can learn more about Showit by visiting their website here

i have a few questions that weren't answered here.

Reach out to me on Instagram at @visuallygoldco or via email: ! I'd love to talk to you!

are copywriting services included?

Absolutely! Your new website will come with SEO-based custom copy that reflects your voice and speaks to your target audience.


Step into your newest season of business in style with the Visually Gold Website Makeover program.

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