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Also known as "Website In A Day"

The ultimate experience for business owners (and boss babes to-be), the Petite Webpage program is for ladies looking for luxe without any lengthy timeframes.

In the span of just ONE day, receive a stylish one-page website with minimal grief and maximum glam. Because time is of the essence, you have a business to build, and the three-month-long web design projects of the past are just SO not in-vogue anymore. 


From brand strategy to a final launch, The Petite Webpage Program is here to help create (or update) your online presence in just under eight hours. Don’t let the word “petite” fool you - this program packs a whole lot of punch in its pretty packaging.

The Petite Webpage program is the perfect solution for busy entrepreneurs who are sick of excuses and ready to just DO the damn thing. With the program, you’ll transform yourself and your business from “DIY-or-die” to “fabulous and fly” through a chic one-page website that dazzles and delights.

And honestly - when you could go from strategizing to celebrating in under 24 hours, why would you want to wait any longer?

Enter - the Visually Gold Petite Webpage Program

let's get real for a second...

Remember that time you LIED to yourself about your website needs?

Yes honey, I’m talking to YOU.

Let me guess. Either you told yourself that you didn’t need a website for your business, or you said that your current site was good enough to last “just a little longer…”

But times have changed, and you’re singing a different tune these days. (Or maybe you’re actually crying about it. Who knows.) All you know is that, somehow, you’ve fallen into one of these two categories:

1- “Help, I need a website, like, YESTERDAY” - or,

2 - “My current website is totally rundown and it’s giving ‘2000-and-late’.” (Fergie would NOT be pleased, BTW)

Previously, you’ve held yourself back for a number of reasons. You know you need something, but just can’t see yourself using a site with a thousand pages. Or - maybe you’ve asked your gal pal Google how long it takes to build a website (go ahead, ask her) and are now asking yourself “who the heck has that kind of time?!”

A One-Pager website, built on the Showit platform, with up to 5 sections of your choice. 

A Website “How-To” Manual - an instructional guide on how to make future edits to your site

Same-Day Domain Setup and Website Launch

Copywriting Prompts - either for you or a copywriter, to get your website copy on lock

Total Cost: $1,500

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Save Your Spot for only $450

One-time payment of $1,500

Save $300 when paid in full

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Who is the Petite Webpage Program for?

The Petite Webpage program is for female entrepreneurs who are either already in business or are just getting started. It was created for solopreneurs who need some sort of online presence upgrade, but don’t necessarily need a full-scale traditional website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a one-page website?

A one-page website is exactly what it sounds like - a website that is made up of one page with multiple sections. It has all the benefits of a traditional website on a reduced scale, which minimizes the need for complex structures and allows for an expedited launch time. For examples of what your one-page website could look like, click here.

Can my website be built on any other platform, such as Squarespace, Wordpress, or Wix?

If you're interested in a Wix site, the Petite Webpage Program can be used on that platform as well! Otherwise, your website will be designed on the Showit platform.

Can I enroll in the Petite Webpage Program if I’d like a website with multiple pages?

No. The Petite Webpage Program can only be used for one-page websites. If you’d like a full-scale website, the Visually Gold Website Makeover Experience might be just the thing for you!

Can I enroll in the Petite Webpage Program if I already have an existing site?

Absolutely! However, if you decide to use the same domain, it will be transferred to your new site and your previous website will no longer be visible to the public. 

What if I want more than one revision round?

Because of the short timeframe involved with the Petite Webpage Program, no more than one round of revisions is allowed. However, Showit is an extremely user-friendly platform, and you’ll be shown how to make any changes you’d like during our launch call.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! A 4-month payment plan is available if you would prefer that to paying in full. Scroll up to see the details!

what is not included in the petite webpage program?

The price of the Petite Webpage Program does not include the following:

- Custom fonts (if you choose to purchase them) - which range between $10-$30 each.
- The cost of your Showit subscription, which ranges between $24 - $29 a month.
- Any costs and fees associated with purchasing your domain, which on average cost $12 a year

The Petite Webpage Program also does not come with copywriting services. However, you'll be provided with prompts to help you create your website's copy, if you choose to do so.

Additionally, the Petite Webpage Program does not include building a site with blogging capabilities. If you have a blog, or would like to have one implemented later, this is a service that must be booked separately.

what platform will my website be built on?

Your website will be built on the Showit platform, which is a website building platform built with creatives in mind. (More information below).

what is showit?

Showit is a website building platform that allows for a much greater range of design capabilities than traditional platforms such as Squarespace, Wordpress, or Wix. You can learn more about Showit by visiting their website here

“Audrea was absolutely amazing! She took all my random ideas and thoughts and turned them into a beautiful website that I am proud of.”

Her communication, follow through and support made this experience so smooth and pain free. I am so relieved that I finally have the final piece to my own business complete when I had been avoiding it for so long.”

karina hopkins - obm & Systems / Ops Strategist

“AUDREA is a Showit fairy-godmother. She is so sweet, efficient, and skilled in this work. Our communication from the very first call all the way to the end was seamless, she was very easy to get ahold of and willing to answer any questions along the way. She met all of my website dreams and MORE!”

I loved everything, from the fact that she did a lot of the backend work for me (domain/setting up links) as well as really listening to the brand/style I liked! Honestly, no complaints. She is a freakin' gem!

shannon shaheen - online coach & va

The reviews are in... and they are WONDERFUL

Apply for the Petite Webpage Program and prepare to be delighted by a deluxe experience, gorgeous new branding, and a fresh-faced website that dazzles for days.

Step into your newest season of business in style.

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